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2022 Latin American Region Guide to Software Outsourcing

The Essential Guide for US Companies Looking to
Nearshore Software Development

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Latin America is the place to be for software outsourcing. Learn why.

With the relentless tech talent shortage, US companies are flocking to this hot region for its deep developer talent pools at cost-effective rates, along with its desirable proximity. But how do you choose the right location?

Our free guide explores key considerations for nearshoring to 13 countries in Latin America:

  • Country-specific analysis of technology expertise, business climate, political stability, and more
  • IT education programs and software programming talent
  • Software outsourcing readiness
  • English proficiency, cultural fit, and work-day alignment
  • Curated rates for developer roles

You'll get firsthand insights from our certified global software outsourcing network with 20,000+ developers in Latin America including the hot spots of Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Mexico. It's a go-to source for informed decision-making, whether you're considering nearshoring for the first time, re-evaluating an outsourcing partnership, or conducting benchmarking.

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