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2023 Central & Eastern Europe Region Guide to Software Outsourcing

Central & Eastern Europe: The Outsourcing Powerhouse
You Need to Know About

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Feeling the pain of the endless tech talent shortage? Check out our catalog of skilled, affordable software development in 16 European destinations.

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Explore your options for deeply skilled tech talent at cost savings of up to 30% over US developer rates. Despite the turmoil of war, Europe continues to rise as a global outsourcing hotspot, offering highly proficient engineering firms with a strong fit with Western business practices.

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Europe Region Guide

What's Inside the Guide??

Our latest guide provides country-specific analysis, including:

  • Quantified developer availability and example rates from our certified network
  • A first-hand assessment of specialized expertise and digital capabilities
  • Political and business risk evaluation with a focus on the impact of the Ukraine war
  • Economic considerations, including the outlook for inflation and growth
  • The current state of cybersecurity and efforts to combat growing threats

Our guide's expert insights are just a click away.