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2022 Global Software Outsourcing Rates and Trends Guide

An Accelerance Exclusive Guide.

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Front-line insights into software development trends and rates for your tech
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For more than 20 years, Accelerance has offered strategic software development outsourcing solutions to help with resource management through fluctuating business cycles. Our 2022 guide, the most in-depth ever, shares our insider insights for IT leaders seeking flexible, cost-effective sourcing options.

As the global software outsourcing authority®, Accelerance draws on our world's largest network of certified software development firms to inform our latest guide. You'll gain proprietary perspectives about:

  • The highest-impact opportunities and trends in outsourcing software development
  • Beating the dire shortage of software engineers through innovative IT outsourcing 
  • Global and regional outsourcing rates for 16 software engineering positions in nearshore and offshore locations 
  • Cost versus quality trade-off considerations for the right, value-based software development partner choices
  • The growing use of next-gen outsourcing strategies to future-proof your digital transformation initiatives

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