Whitepaper: Outsourcing to Meet the Acceleration of Tech Hyperspecialization

Full speed ahead with highly specialized tech skills powered by software outsourcing


Our latest whitepaper explores the growing trend toward what we call "tech hyperspecialization." In it, we tackle key questions such as:

What is this trend?

It's the need for deeper and emerging software engineering skills to meet a proliferation of new technologies and the increasing pace of digital transformation.

How do you keep up?

Software development outsourcing is an increasingly popular way for IT leaders to find specific skilled programming teams that are in short supply. 

Now's the time to learn more: 

Hyperspecialization is challenging IT leaders' current skills sourcing strategies with no end in sight.


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The customer perspective

“The hyperspecialization trend is continuing and evolving. I don’t see it going backwards. I’m not sure what it might evolve into, but I can tell you that we’re continuing down this path of small teams with specialties. It’s driven by cloud-native technologies. I used to say keep it simple, but now I see the trend evolving towards these specialties. I definitely see it continuing in this direction.”

-John Nelson of Single Digits, Accelerance client


Close specialization gaps

Hyperspecialization is revolutionizing the way companies operate. The growth in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, blockchain and other digital innovations require deeper specialist skills in technologies, platforms and programming. But there is a shortage of the complex and emerging software engineering skills required for digital transformation.

At Accelerance, we have been successfully helping our clients find the best talent for the last 20 years. Our carefully vetted outsourcing partners cover all the 100+ software platforms and programming languages you could think of. We can find experts with specialized skills so you can focus on what matters most.


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