Insights | They're in: Hot New Global Developer Rates for 2022 Planning

They're in: Hot New Global Developer Rates for 2022 Planning

By Accelerance Research Team | October 27, 2021


Software developer rates have spiked already since June, and there’s no end in sight for the year ahead. That’s why we’ve done a special update of our annual Global Software Outsourcing Trends and Rates Guide. Our 2022 guide features the latest offshore and onshore developer rates reflecting trends since June covering 16 roles across 6 offshoring regions.

Just in time for 2022 planning!

It comes at the right time, as we’ve seen US onshore engineering salaries and rates soar by 20% to 50% just in the last half of 2021. No wonder that a record number of US companies are looking to add or increase outsourcing in their tech sourcing portfolios in the coming year. Our guide explores offshoring options that offer the same or better quality engineering teams at lower cost than onshore resources. 

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