Case Study - Overview

Accelerance partner transfers legacy builds for E-commerce client

Positive outsourcing engagement reaffirms clients belief in outsourcing as a solution.


CSG International delivers business-critical software systems and services for communications and entertainment providers. Solutions provided include; customer engagement, customer relationship management, offer and order management, billing, and workforce management solutions. 


CSG International wanted to improve upon  customer engagement, offer and order management, billing and workforce management solutions. 

Needs & Challenges:

CSG had previous experience with outsourcing, but with a bad outcome and therefore an understandable apprehension to try it again. However, their needs were great and they were trustful in our process to help them find: 

  • Java resources to help port mainframe code from COBOL and Assembler and HTML5, C#, iOS/Android, ElasticSearch
  • The ability to overcome negative experience from previous outsourcing partner
  • Trust again in capabilities and benefits of outsourcing

Our Solution:

Accelerance understood the needs and challenges ahead. CSG International needed the right guidance, the right partner and the right relationship management to be confident and relieved in this situation. Accelerance selected a Certified Partner in Mexico who:

  • Provided 3-4 Agile teams (10 people each) skilled in Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) 
  • Teammates were experienced  with communications/entertainment service providers
  • Able to deal with capacity issues


The partnership is expected to last for years and has renewed CSG’s confidence in software outsourcing as an effective development strategy.

Client Details

Industry: Ecommerce, Real Estate, Banking

Company Size: 1,000-5,000

Services: Automation Testing, Manual Testing, SCRUM Master, TQS, Program Manager, JAVA, .NET, Python, Front-end, Xamarin, ReactJS, MEAN, Android, iOS, CRM, PHP, C++, AWS

Regions: Mexico

Developers Engaged: 40

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