Case Study - Overview

Client needs optimized development practices with architecture improvements and software development best practices

Cost reduction and streamlined processes delivered by a hybrid in-house and outsourcing team


Epiq Systems is an Illinois-based provider of integrated technology products and services. Its software applications offer case and document management solutions for electronic discovery, legal notification, claims administration, and controlled disbursement. 


Epiq sought to create a hybrid insourced and outsourced development organization that could easily be ramped up over time, efficiently and cost effectively. 

Needs & Challenges: 

Epiq sought the right outsourcing partner to help them reach stretch goals:

  • Need to increase output without impacting cost with its 120 developers and a 2-to-1 developer-to-QA ratio
  • Additional developers to handle an increasing workload and to streamline current practices
  • Ability to ramp up over time from 25 to 75 resources offshort

Our Solution: 

Accelerance assessed Epiq’s needs against capabilities in our Certified Partner base and presentedviable partner team in Argentina that matched the clients needs and technical requirements.


Epiq realized its goals through high-quality, affordable software development from an Accelerance Certified Partner:

  • Grew its team from 8 people to 50 in 9 months
  • Optimized development practices with architecture improvements and software development best practices
  • Scaled resources anywhere to completely transform Epiq’s business, enabling onboarding of engineers significantly faster with much higher quality

Client Details

Industry: IT Products and Services

Company Size: 5,000-10,000

Services: Angular, Knockout, JavaScript, responsive design, .net, SQL, QA, Product development, mobile development, software architecture, cloud software development, Automation testing, AI, machine learning, blockchain, IoT, Agile, UI/UX

Regions: Argentina

Developers Engaged: 50-100

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