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A Journey in Fintech Innovation and User-Centric Design

Overcoming UX/UI challenges, seamlessly integrating application development.


A major bank wanted to create a new division to differ from other Fintech companies. This division would help people in the informal market sector access financial services. The bank would use their good reputation to achieve this goal.

The initiative aimed to assist small business owners by promoting the use of financial services. This would have a positive impact on the economy.

It involves different areas such as implementing on-site micro-services. It involves developing and maintaining websites and mobile apps. It involves creating innovative designs and information architecture.

It involved managing projects effectively. It involves coaching and executing agile methods. It involves ensuring strong cybersecurity through ethical hacking.

Central America is leading the way in implementing transformative strategies, with the banking industry at the forefront.


The client had several pain points to address to improve UX and UI design. Integrate new FinTech App with core banking systems on different platforms and databases for smooth data flow and compatibility.

Adhering to industry regulations and software development standards while implementing robust security protocols to safeguard sensitive customer data and prevent unauthorized breaches.

Creating easy-to-use and adaptable apps and platforms for small business owners, to attract and keep customers.


Our partner started the project with a two-day workshop for the bank's top and middle managers. This workshop facilitated alignment on interactive design, user experience design, productivity, and accelerated time-to-market goals.

The primary focus was on the users. Our partner had a meeting to plan the basic version of the product and understand the target audience. This required close collaboration between the design and product teams to align with business objectives.

They successfully migrated to a robust foundation built on cutting-edge technologies like Kubernetes, Istio, Rancher, Docker, and more. This move helped combine the FinTech app with banking features, making it easy to use, secure, and scalable for clients.

Our partner created a design system. They also made a detailed plan for the product. Additionally, they provided thorough training.

Next, they developed secure QR payment solutions. Lastly, they built safe iOS and Android apps for the client.

They also implemented an Identity and Access Management (IAM) system. This required incorporating multi-factor user authentication; methods such as FaceID and TouchID. This robust security measure ensures comprehensive application security for all users.

Our partner provided training to empower their team. The training was thorough and aimed to give them the knowledge and skills needed. The purpose of the training was to enable them to maintain and support their new FinTech app on their own. This approach ensures their sustained success in the ever-evolving digital landscape.


Our partner has achieved impressive accomplishments and shown strong dedication. Their dedication to excellence and delivering exceptional outcomes has forged a formidable partnership, establishing the path for continuous prosperity and expansion.

FinTech apps smoothly integrate with core banking, giving users a hassle-free banking experience. This enhanced convenience has greatly contributed to the growing popularity and widespread adoption of digital banking services.

Better user experience: Our partner prioritized creating a user-friendly experience and using effective design techniques, leading to positive results.

It has significantly improved user satisfaction, leading to higher levels of engagement with our products or services. It has played a crucial role in cultivating stronger customer loyalty towards our brand.

Our partner has implemented strong security measures to safeguard customer data and transactions. A reputable ethical hacking agency approved these measures, ensuring that top-notch security practices are followed. All these changes improved the user journey.