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A PropTech Success Story of Scalability and Adaptability

Success leveraged to compete with major competitors.


The client in this study is a leading US PropTech platform. It assists real estate agents in connecting their listings with buyers. This is possible even if the properties are not listed on the local MLS.

Our partner's client needed a skilled development partner to build their platform from the beginning. The platform should have a strong backend system that can handle a large network of over 900 MLS locations nationwide.



Adapting product focus from agents to brokerage firms based on customer feedback, requiring major adjustments.

The platform will be expanded to accommodate multiple MLS and brokerages. The syncing of MLS data will be automated. The amount of work required to get started will be reduced.

Diversify Platform: Incorporating title representatives and lenders to expand user bases and drive growth in new geographical markets.

User Interface: Broadening the platform to include dashboards for end-consumers, which required substantial frontend development to match major competitors.


Our partner delivered the MVP development services in just 3 months, helping the client find the right market for their product. During their journey, the client adjusted their product and target audience three times before finding the perfect fit.

Our partner diligently developed a fully scalable microservices architecture, encompassing comprehensive platforms for iOS, Android, and multiple web applications.


The client is growing across the country and using a large network of excellent real estate agents and brokerages. The success has leveraged the company to compete with major competitors, such as Zillow.