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Advancing Customer Support Excellence

Leveraging the power of AI to increase customer satisfaction.


Our Accelerance partner had an exciting opportunity to establish a collaboration with a prominent travel and tourism company operating in Europe.

This company caters to customers from diverse industries, making it a valuable partner for us. The client has encountered substantial challenges in their customer support operations that are hindering their overall efficiency and customer satisfaction levels. They sought AI consulting services for innovative solutions to address these issues and elevate the overall quality of their customer support services. 


Costly customer support: The client encountered a significant challenge with the continuous escalation of customer support costs. To handle different customer questions, they had to keep a big support team. But this contributed to their mounting expenses and becoming increasingly unsustainable.

Increased number of negative reviews: Customer service is the often sluggish resolution of issues, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and even garner negative reviews. This issue highlights the importance for businesses to prioritize and promptly address customer concerns in an efficient manner. By doing so, businesses can effectively maintain high levels of customer satisfaction while safeguarding their reputation from any potential damage.

Inconsistency: The inconsistent level of support provided by various agents within the organization was significantly affecting the overall customer experience. This inconsistency created a sense of frustration and dissatisfaction among customers, leading to negative feedback and potential loss of business opportunities.


To elevate the client's customer support system to new heights, our partner successfully integrated a state-of-the-art GenAI-powered Knowledge Assistant.

This advanced intelligent assistant has been carefully designed to handle routine inquiries with ease, offering highly relevant information and providing invaluable assistance for common issues that customers may encounter.

Their main goal is to improve efficiency and provide a unique customer experience. They aim to achieve this by combining advanced technology with the current system. The customer experience they strive for is both efficient and smooth.

This solution highlights the advanced features of their Knowledge Assistant. It has been specifically designed with state-of-the-art NLP capabilities, combined with a powerful Large Language Model. This unique combination empowers our assistant to not only understand customer queries effectively but also ensures the delivery of highly accurate and relevant responses.

In situations where complex inquiries arise, chatbots are seamlessly able to transfer them to human agents. Agents have all the necessary information and suggestions to resolve issues more easily.


Cost reduction: By leveraging the power of AI, the client was able to achieve a substantial reduction in customer support expenses by an impressive 40%. The client's operational efficiency has significantly improved while simultaneously reducing overhead costs associated with customer support.

The recent remarkable increase in Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) scores by an impressive 25% is a highly positive indication of the significantly improved level of customer contentment. This notable improvement strongly suggests that customers are not only satisfied but genuinely delighted with their overall experience and the exceptional products or services provided to them by the organization.

Courtesy of hiring an AI consultant and recent advancements in technology, particularly in terms of response times, businesses have experienced a remarkable decrease of 30% in average waiting periods.

This significant improvement has brought about a positive shift in customer satisfaction levels. As a result, customers are now enjoying faster and more efficient service, leading to increased levels of overall satisfaction and happiness with the brand or business they are engaging with.