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Advertising Company Outsources Software Development Team

Save on software development by using our partner technology.


Since 2000, our partner has been assisting a Belgian client in the advertising industry, providing website development and other services.

However, in 2011, the client encountered challenges with the cost of UX and UI design services due to a scarcity of talent and high costs in their region.

To remain competitive, the client sought a more cost-effective solution. Our partner addressed this challenge by sourcing and recruiting highly skilled Software Developers within 60 days.

The long-standing collaboration further ensures smooth operations and continuous support, enhancing efficiency and productivity.


Since 2000, our partner’s Belgian client has been offering advertising services, including website development, to their customers. However, in 2011, they started experiencing challenges with the cost of UX and UI design services.

The need for software development and upkeep in their area grew, causing a lack of skilled workers and expensive prices. As a result, the client was seeking a more cost-effective solution to remain competitive.


After determining the client's resource needs, our partner took charge of sourcing and recruiting highly skilled Software Developers. The client actively participated in the hiring process, and within 60 days, a dedicated team was onboarded. This team is now located in the state-of-the-art our partner’s office, which is specifically designed to enhance productivity and inspire developers.

Our partner continues to provide comprehensive support to the client by acting as the legal employer of the team members. This includes handling recruitment, HR, payroll, and IT services for the team. Currently, the team is responsible for developing and maintaining various software solutions for the client's customers.


Clients can save money on software development by using our partner technology, recruitment skills, and legal presence in the Philippines.

This allows them to tap into highly-efficient resources and save 88% compared to hiring talent in Belgium.

As a result, the client can offer their UX and UI design as well as software maintenance services at more competitive rates.

Our partner's fast turnaround time allows us to onboard the right team members in just 60 days, improving efficiency and productivity.

This long-standing partnership, the UX and UI consulting has also resulted in reduced operational costs by 88%, making it a cost-effective solution for the client.