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AI-Driven Downtime Reduction and Profitability Enhancement

Unlock unprecedented savings and efficiency.


The goal of a prominent paper manufacturer was to harness the power of an AI strategy by analyzing data from milling machines, to minimize downtime and interruptions in their production process.

By leveraging AI consulting services and utilizing the insights gained from the data, the manufacturer aimed to optimize their operations, increase productivity, and improve overall efficiency to meet the growing demands of their customers. The project extended over several months.

Budget: $100K - $165K.
- Data Assessment = $10K
- Data Model Development = $40 - $60K
- Data Model Implementation = $50 - $100K


The most significant uncontrollable cost to the business was attributed to paper "breakage". This issue led to significant financial losses and affected overall profitability.

The paper manufacturer recognized the urgent need to address this problem to reduce expenses and improve operational efficiency.

By identifying the root causes of paper breakage and implementing appropriate measures, the manufacturer aimed to mitigate this cost and enhance the overall financial performance of the business.


In collaboration with our Accelerance partner, they successfully constructed a robust data collection system. Additionally, utilizing the power of machine learning and AI, we developed sophisticated data science models.

These models enabled our partner to predict instances of paper breakage with remarkable accuracy, providing them with valuable insights up to 2 hours in advance.

This proactive approach allowed us to implement timely interventions and preventative measures, minimizing the occurrence of breakage and significantly reducing associated costs for our business.

With this innovative solution in place, they were able to streamline our operations, optimize productivity, and ultimately improve our overall profitability.


Implementing this approach, thanks to AI consultants, results in the complete eradication of downtime during production, leading to substantial savings for the business.

By accurately predicting and addressing breakage ahead of time, they prevent unplanned shutdowns and costly delays.

This translates to saving hundreds of lost hours each year and tens of thousands of dollars in lost production. The ability to maintain uninterrupted operations and maximize productivity significantly bolsters the overall efficiency and financial performance of the business.