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College Engine

Outsourced engineering team engaged to build extension of MVP for startup client.


College Engine provides student applicants and academic institutions with a transparent online marketplace. This allows students to access a more efficient application process, while enabling academic institutions to contact and enroll students who may not otherwise know about or apply to their school. College Engine is revolutionizing the higher education application process in the same way the travel industry has grown into a more transparent, comparable booking model.

College Engine sought to build a Minimum Viable Product, (MVP) to better showcase their platform idea as they seek funding, institutional partners and students.


College Engine needed a great partner to work alongside them and to carry the development load of creating an MVP as they moved their startup into its next growth phase in order to find a team that could:

  • Act as a true extension of College Engine
  • Collaborate and further ideas, not just execute

Accelerance coached College Engine through their partner selection process. We ensured the partner was not only a strong technical fit, but one that would be of additional service to a start up. Our selected certified partner:

  • Had a strong time zone overlap, so that collaboration was in real time
  • Was collaborative and confident to share ideas as the MVP was being developed
  • Was matched for strong language and cultural fits that facilitated strong working relationships across the partner and client

College Engine decided to delay the launch due to COVID-19 challenges students and institutions are facing. With a bit more time, College Engine and Accelerance are working to add in enhanced, value-added features that  College Engine will be able to further the experience for both students and institutions.