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College Engine

Outsourced engineering team engaged to build extension of MVP for startup client.


College Engine is a game-changer in the world of higher education applications. They help students and schools connect through an online marketplace, making it easier to apply and discover new educational opportunities. 

College Engine is an advanced platform designed to assist student applicants, parents, academic institutions, and advisors in conducting personalized searches based on their specific preferences. 

With College Engine, users have the ability to tailor their searches according to factors such as desired location, areas of study, extracurricular interests, and price range. 

This cutting-edge tool provides a modern and efficient means of finding the perfect educational fit for individuals seeking higher education.

With their innovative platform, College Engine is revolutionizing the way students apply to college.

To bring their platform to life and attract funding, institutional partners, and students, College Engine needed to rely on MVP development services.


College Engine needed a good partner to help them grow and improve their MVP. 

They needed a team that could not only execute tasks but also become a true extension of their team. Collaboration and idea-sharing were of utmost importance to College Engine, so finding the right partner was crucial.


How did we approach their challenges? We guided College Engine through the partner selection process, ensuring they found the perfect match. Our selected certified partner ticked all the boxes:

  • They had a strong time zone overlap, facilitating real-time collaboration and efficient communication.
  • The partner was collaborative, confident, and eager to contribute their own ideas during the MVP development process.
  • We also made sure to match them with a partner who shared a strong language and cultural fit, fostering a productive and harmonious working relationship.

Our strategic partnership has yielded impressive results, with the successful completion of projects on time, and diligently meeting all planned deadlines. 

One of the notable outcomes has been the enhancement of the user experience, achieved through a refined and minimalist design. 

The focus on creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface has resulted in an engaging and seamless interaction for end-users. 

This commitment to delivering projects promptly and incorporating thoughtful design principles demonstrates our dedication to ensuring client satisfaction and success.

College Engine and our partner are now working together to add enhanced, value-added features to the platform. 

According to the client, “We are impressed with the dedication the team has put into our project.” - Chief Operations Officer, College Engine.

These additional features will further enhance the experience for both students and institutions, making them an even more powerful tool in the college application process.

In working with us to find an outsourced partner, College Engine has not only found a reliable development team but also a valuable strategic partner.