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Concept to Conquest in Augmented Photo Printing

Achieving financial and MVP successes.


Our partner worked with a client who created an innovative app-controlled printer. It brings "hyperphotos" to life using augmented reality, allowing users to see them in real-time.

The client needed MVP development services. With a visionary concept, seeking to develop a compelling investor MVP developer to secure funding. The client is one of the largest technology companies in the world.

Our partner worked with this client for many years, creating different features to achieve important goals in their product development.



Proof of Concept: Creating a working example of instant photo and video printing, important for successful fundraising.

Scalability: Expanding the app's functionality and incorporating social features to impress the client's executives during a pivotal demonstration.

Overcoming Global Expansion Challenges: Adapting the app for worldwide accessibility, including navigating through China's firewall restrictions.

Hardware Upgrades and Transitioning: Enhancing the app's architecture to ensure seamless transitions between various printer models.

Incorporating Harry Potter Theme: Introducing a captivating Harry Potter-themed experience, entailing significant UI/UX and hardware-based enhancements.


Our partner created mobile apps for iOS and Android that allow printing and scanning, using Bluetooth and WiFi. These apps also have an augmented reality feature and are supported by a popular cloud system.


The client received $300k in funding after creating a successful MVP. They also obtained over $2M in later rounds during the product's life. The development team and collaboration played a crucial role in achieving these financial successes. 
This partnership was important for the startup. They became the client's retail partner, got the exclusive Harry Potter license from Warner Bros, and successfully acquired another company.