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Crafting an Unprecedented App for Global Event Streaming

Easy-to-use interface while ensuring a seamless user experience.


Our partner worked with a prominent US broadcasting company to make a reliable app for a worldwide sports competition. The goal was to live-stream the event and deliver an unparalleled viewing experience to users.

The app offered exclusive features, including video on demand, scheduled online coverage, live events, and full replay options. The scope of work included mobile development and quality assurance. The client needed app development to improve challenges.

  • Effectively present real-time event data, including schedules, results, and news updates, within the application. This necessitated efficient management and synchronization of data from various sources, encompassing APIs and backend systems.
  • Develop an intuitive, responsive, and user-friendly app design that accommodates users with varying levels of technical expertise.
  • Ensure a seamless experience by implementing scalable solutions that can withstand high user volumes, even during peak traffic periods.

Our partner collaborated with a US company for mobile app development specifically for an eagerly awaited winter sports event.

Their main focus was creating an easy-to-use interface for people with different skills and preferences. They created a simple menu design with search and easy gestures for quick access to information.

Their team employed advanced techniques to enhance video loading speed and ensure a seamless user experience. These techniques included lazy loading, image compression, CDNs, and data caching. These measures ensure uninterrupted transmissions and enhance the overall app experience.

Before deploying the app, they conducted rigorous load testing to identify and address any potential bottlenecks or scalability concerns. They improved app development by using cloud technology and 
adjusting resources according to user demand.

Lastly, they effectively managed live event information. This included timetables, outcomes, and news. They achieved this by seamlessly integrating APIs and backend systems from various sources.


Our partner's team formed an alliance that created a revolutionary live stream app focused on user interface. The app boasts an intuitive interface, meticulously designed for seamless navigation and unmatched user satisfaction.

They have curated exclusive content tailored to each user's preferences, ensuring a highly entertaining experience. In fact, their streaming capabilities have surpassed those of a competitor app by an impressive 150%.

During the competition games, our immersive experience attracted a total of 9.5 million users. Out of these users, 7 million were on iOS and 2.5 million were on Android.

The system has minimal downtime. It offers smooth real-time data integration, quick response, and high user satisfaction. The downtime is less than 0.01%.