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Positive outsourcing engagement reaffirms clients belief in outsourcing as a solution.


CSG International is a leading provider of business-critical software systems and services for communications and entertainment companies. 

Their solutions encompass a wide range of areas, including customer engagement, customer relationship management, offer and order management, billing, and workforce management. 

Seeking to enhance their offerings in these key areas, CSG International decided to explore the potential of outsourcing.



While considering outsourcing as a solution, CSG International had previously encountered a negative experience with a previous outsourcing partner. 

Naturally, this created a sense of apprehension and doubt. However, they were in a bind, and given their pressing needs, they trusted our expertise to guide them in finding a software development solution. Their specific challenges included:

  • Finding Java resources to convert mainframe code from COBOL and Assembler to modern technologies like HTML5, C#, iOS/Android, and ElasticSearch.
  • Overcoming the negative experience from their previous outsourcing engagement and trying again.
  • Rebuilding trust in the capabilities and benefits of outsourcing.

We found the right partner for CSG International's needs and challenges, creating a successful outsourcing relationship. 

After careful consideration, we selected a Certified Partner based in Mexico who offered the following solutions:

  • This partner provided 3-4 Agile teams, each comprising 10 skilled professionals, well-versed in the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).
  • This partner’s team members possessed extensive experience in working with communications and entertainment service providers.
  • With the partner’s expertise in capacity management, they confidently ensured a smooth project execution by effectively handling any capacity issues that may arise.

CSG International successfully paired with a certified partner for software development services. Given their previous situation, it has boosted confidence in outsourcing software development as a strategy. 

CSG International expects the engagement to extend for several years, further solidifying its belief in the value of outsourcing.

Positive outsourcing engagements can achieve potential benefits, as reaffirmed by this positive outcome.