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Data Analysis: Customizable Knowledge Assistant Cuts Analysis Time by 60%

AI-driven data exploration.


Our partner's client, a respected research and analytics company from Europe, is well-known for their excellent services to FMCG companies.

Delivering comprehensive sales reports and insightful analytics, they continually strive to enhance their offerings.

In their quest for innovation and the desire to expedite data analysis and decision-making processes, they were in search of a groundbreaking solution. Therefore, they hired AI consulting services from our partner. With AI consulting at their disposal, our client anticipated achieving rapid insights from massive datasets that would enable them to deliver unparalleled value to their FMCG clients. 


Organizing Sales Data: The client encountered the problem of dealing with large amounts of sales data, which proved to be a time-consuming task and costly for the company. Additionally, manual analysis increased the risk of errors in their analysis process.

Slow Data Process: The traditional data analysis process was slow, hindering the client’s ability to provide timely insights to FMCG companies.

Hindered Processes: The traditional process of analyzing data and generating reports has long been associated with a substantial investment of human resources.

This requirement often leads to operational inefficiencies, as valuable time and manpower are dedicated to the tedious task of manual report creation.

Thanks to advancements in technology, particularly in the field of AI solutions, businesses can now rely on automated reporting systems that streamline this process, eliminating the need for extensive human involvement and greatly enhancing operational efficiency.


Our partner successfully created a cutting-edge Knowledge Assistant using the powerful KAPS (Knowledge Automation and Personalization System). What sets their solution apart is its customization capabilities, allowing them to tailor it to fit the clients' unique data requirements. With this personalized approach, Knowledge Assistant becomes an invaluable tool for extracting relevant insights and maximizing productivity within your organization.

The incorporation of data visualization features into our Knowledge Assistant has revolutionized the way FMCG companies understand complex data. By presenting insights in a visually engaging manner, it becomes much easier to grasp important information and make informed decisions.

Our partner’s team has successfully integrated natural language interfaces into our AI system. This means that users can now easily communicate and interact with the system using everyday language. It enables them to effortlessly generate custom reports and queries tailored to their specific needs.


Using the power of AI-driven data exploration, analysis time has been significantly reduced by a staggering 60%.

Insights can be generated faster, helping businesses make informed decisions in less time than before.

With this advanced technology, you can stay ahead of the curve and drive efficient data analyzing.

The client's ability to deliver timely insights to FMCG companies has significantly improved, leading to a remarkable 30% increase in decision-making speed. This enhancement allows them to stay ahead of the curve and make informed choices more rapidly than ever before.

The implementation of Knowledge Assistant has been incredibly beneficial for our client, resulting in a remarkable 25% reduction in the need for human resources.

The tool handles routine tasks, so our partner’s client can use their valuable personnel for more important initiatives. This not only optimizes their workforce but also enhances productivity and overall business performance.