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Delivering Innovative Talent Management Solutions across Industries

Bridging the client's resource gap.


With an impressive track record in skills management software and extensive expertise in people data modeling, core business processes, and HR system landscape, the client has emerged as a prominent provider in their industry. Their deep understanding and knowledge in these areas have positioned them as a trusted partner for organizations seeking effective talent management solutions.

The client boasts a diverse client portfolio, including global teams spanning across multiple sectors in the market. Their clients hail from a wide range of industries, including Energy, Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Field Services. By serving clients in these sectors, the Customer demonstrates their ability to cater to the unique needs and challenges faced by organizations operating in these demanding fields.

Through their innovative software solutions and deep industry knowledge, the client has established themselves as a leader in the skills management software market, delivering impactful and valuable services to their clients across various sectors worldwide.


Innovative software development: The client faced the challenge of developing user-friendly software tailored to various industries with complex operational processes.

Advanced reporting and analytics: The client needed a solution incorporating robust reporting and analytics capabilities while offering offline flexibility for remote usage.

Customizable user experience: Our partner recognized the importance of customization, allowing clients to tailor the application to their specific needs. Individual user experience and accessibility in preferred languages were key considerations.

Collaborative team augmentation: To tackle these challenges and keep the project moving forward, the client sought external assistance to augment their team with additional skills. They were looking for a partner with a vast talent pool capable of delivering agile development services.

Expertise in key areas: Expertise in front-end and back-end development, microservices-based development, and mobile development were crucial for achieving the desired outcomes.

Efficient and effective solution: The client needed to outsource web development services to tackle these challenges. Using analogies to familiar industries, our partner facilitated an understanding of complex concepts and emphasized the collaboration and partnership essential to the project's success.


Seamless staffing solution: Our partner, a leading provider of IT services and staff augmentation, seamlessly bridged the client's resource gap with a comprehensive staffing solution.

Front-end development efficiency: Skilled developers focused on accelerating front-end development efficiency, continuously evolving the user interface and enhancing the user experience with each iteration. The result? A seamless and enjoyable user experience for the Customer's application.

Modernizing legacy components: Dedicated developers adopted Golang, chosen for its easy deployability and cross-platform support, to recode and modernize legacy components that were hindering progress. Outdated payment systems were revamped, ensuring they were no longer hard to maintain. Seamless integration with shipping carriers was also achieved.

Adapting to business processes: Throughout the collaboration, our team prioritized adapting to the client's unique business processes and corporate culture. By leveraging our partner's experience in working with international teams, we ensured consistent communication and a mutually supportive approach.

Optimal results and surpassing expectations: The cohesive partnership between our partner and the client allowed for the delivery of optimal results that surpassed expectations. Through innovation and collaboration, we revolutionized the client's IT services, setting a new standard in efficiency and effectiveness.


Collaborative productivity: The ongoing cooperation with the client has yielded highly productive results, allowing our partner’s team to continue progressing as the project evolves.

Agile development: Through our partner’s team augmentation services, they have fostered a fast development pace for the client, harnessing an agile environment to drive rapid evolution.

Cutting-edge technologies: Leveraging the latest technologies, our partner has empowered the client to enhance their skill management application, ensuring they stay at the forefront of innovation in the industry.

Rapid evolution: By embracing an innovative approach, our partner has enabled the client’s application to evolve quickly, adapting to their changing needs and staying ahead of the competition.

Efficiency and progress: Our partner’s team augmentation services have streamlined processes, facilitating efficient collaboration and ensuring continuous forward momentum.

Tools and Technologies:

C#: This robust programming language provides a foundation for efficient and scalable development.

ASP.NET: Leveraging this powerful framework allows us to build secure and high-performance web applications.

jQuery (getting retired): Although jQuery is being retired, our team has expertise in utilizing this JavaScript library to enhance the functionality and interactivity of web pages.

Angular TypeScript: By leveraging Angular, along with TypeScript, we are able to create dynamic and responsive user interfaces that greatly enhance the user experience.

Nginx: This high-performance web server enables us to effectively manage and optimize web traffic.

SQL Server: Their team leverages SQL Server to efficiently store, retrieve, and manage data within the application.

Elastic: They utilize Elastic to enhance search functionality and enable efficient data indexing and analysis.

Kubernetes: As a container orchestration platform, Kubernetes allows them to easily manage and scale the application's containers.

Azure: Azure provides a robust cloud computing platform that enables us to deploy, manage, and scale the application effectively.

Sophos: The utilization of Sophos ensures robust security measures are in place to protect the application and its data.

Power BI: With Power BI, they can integrate powerful data visualization and business intelligence capabilities into the application.

Android and iOS: Our partner’s expertise in mobile development enables us to deliver a seamless user experience on both Android and iOS platforms.