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Driving Innovation in IT Service Management with GenAI

Streamlining the ticket resolution process.


Using powerful generative AI, our partner is revolutionizing service management and support processes for an IT company.

The client reached out to an AI consulting firm to assist with the project. The client had a budget of 100K.


The goal is to automate processes that typically require manual assistance and consume significant time. These processes include checking tickets and resolving issues.

The client aimed to improve customer experience by using automation to reduce errors and solve problems more efficiently.


By integrating cutting-edge generative AI model into their operations, they succeeded in optimizing efficiency, streamlining workflows, and enhancing overall service delivery.

They improved a lot and made the company a leader in IT service management with this new method. They kept growing and gave their customers great value.

The company experienced a significant increase in productivity of 43% in less than two months. Automating tasks such as ticket screening and issue resolution achieved this.

Using AI, they made essential tasks faster and more efficient, saving time and improving overall efficiency.

The company's increased productivity allowed them to handle more support requests and focus on important initiatives. This led to better results for both the organization and customers.


Our partner helped the client decrease the time it takes to resolve tickets from 4.41 hours to 2.51 hours. The resolution time decreased a lot, saving 177 hours, which is like having a full-time resource.

Our partner improved the support team's efficiency and effectiveness by optimizing and streamlining the ticket resolution process.

After outsourcing AI consulting services, it became possible to respond and solve customer problems more quickly. It also freed up resources to concentrate on other important tasks and provide better service. Project Timeline: June to August 2023.