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Empowering an Import-Export Firm with a Digital Sales Assistant

Substantial surge in leads.


Our partner’s client is a renowned import-export firm located in Europe. Experienced in sales, they wanted to improve their sales efforts by using a modern digital sales assistant.


The client's sales team grappled with labor-intensive lead management tasks, resulting in inefficiencies and missed prospects. The lack of a uniform sales process contributed to inconsistent conversion rates across the sales team. Acquiring fresh leads incurred substantial expenses, necessitating a solution to optimize their lead acquisition expenditure. Therefore, the client sought out AI consulting services.


Our partner used their advanced KAPS framework. They created a customized Assistant. This Assistant handles routine lead tasks. These tasks include scoring, nurturing, and follow-ups.

They have established and automated a standardized sales workflow, guaranteeing consistent and appropriate treatment of all leads. Furthermore, their sales assistant utilizes predictive analytics to pinpoint the most efficient channels for lead acquisition, thereby optimizing the client's marketing expenditure.


The volume of leads generated by the client witnessed a significant rise of 35%, thereby expanding their sales pipeline. The rate of turning leads into paying customers improved by 20%, resulting in a big increase in sales revenue. The client reduced lead acquisition costs by 30%, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently.