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Empowering the Energy Industry with Web Development Services

Outstanding usability to unprecedented productivity.


One company in Argentina leads the way in the energy industry. They focus on exploring, extracting, refining, distributing, and producing electricity, gas, oil, and hydrocarbon products.

Their goal is to sell fuels, lubricants, fertilizers, plastics, and other products that power different industries.

However, for oil inventory management, a revolutionary solution was necessary.

The team responsible for repairing oil wells faced a challenging task. Their goal was to ensure that materials were delivered promptly to maintain a seamless workflow.

This is where our Accelerance partner stepped in, armed with innovative technology, mobile applications, and expertise in UX/UI design.

Our partner and the client worked together to create a mobile app for easy inventory management for the staff.

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as Ionic for Android and iOS, our team transformed their available technological devices and equipment into intuitive tools that revolutionized the user experience.


The company needed to help its team manage tasks for oil platform, like material requests and inventory management.

A revolutionary solution was needed - a SaaS application that could be accessed from any device, ensuring seamless operation not only in the power plant but also in adjacent offices.

The work environment for plant operators is demanding, with safety being the utmost priority. Taking this into account, the applications designed for them needed to be user-friendly, minimizing the time required for daily tasks and reducing the margin of error in general operations.


Formation of a specialized sub-team dedicated to creating a user experience and interface that prioritizes a comfortable and simplified browsing experience.

Emphasis on agility throughout the development process, recognizing the time-sensitive nature of the plant operators' needs.

Utilization of the "Just In Mind" tool by the UX/UI team to create an interactive prototype, allowing for validation of design hypotheses.

On-site demos conducted with plant operators to gather feedback and ensure a seamless user experience.

Final design validation led to the development of the application with minimal changes and client requests, as its operation was almost completely validated.


The client's excitement knew no bounds as they witnessed the extraordinary launch of the application. From outstanding usability to unprecedented productivity and streamlined task management, every aspect exceeded their wildest expectations.

The ripple effect of this tremendous impact extended beyond the plant operators' team, resonating throughout adjacent offices and fostering collective awe at the transformative power of the platform.

But the benefits didn't stop there. The application proved to be a catalyst for remarkable savings in both time and resources.

By astutely employing an interactive prototype, the client experienced a welcome relief from financial burdens and the preservation of invaluable resources.

Thanks to web development services, innovative approach empowered swift changes and optimizations in a mock-up. This seamlessly transitioned into a fully developed masterpiece upon validation.

The launch of the application brought immense satisfaction to the client, unlocking a realm of amplified productivity, salvaged resources, and heightened efficiency in task management.