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Enhancing a Songwriter's Experience

Minimum viable product release.


The client is the international music publishing division, supporting songwriters across various genres.

They wanted to make an easy-to-use app for songwriters and organizations that handle many songwriters. It allows easy access to data and works on Android and iOS devices. The client sought out developers from a mobile app consulting firm.


The project involved collaboration with Glampire Labs and the Warner development team, with responsibilities including Front-end development and implementing proposed features. The challenge was to create an app that met the requirements and incorporated cutting-edge technology.


The development process focused on three main features. These features included reviewing royalty reports, tracking all submissions, and providing detailed information on top-earning creations.

Our partner utilized agile methodologies, Scrum ceremonies, and parallel teams for iOS and Android development to facilitate rapid product development and testing.


Within two months, the team successfully released the minimum viable product (MVP). The app featured unique graphics, an intuitive main screen with income graphs, and sliding cards for specific information areas. They extensively conducted software QA on both iOS and Android platforms using tools like TestFlight, Diawi, and Ninjadeploy.