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Enhancing Customer Support Through AI-Driven Solutions

AI customer support handling routine inquiries.


Our partner’s client reigns as one of Europe's biggest travel and tourism powerhouses, proudly serving customers from diverse sectors. They encountered substantial hurdles in their quest for stellar customer support and set out to elevate efficiency and customer delight. The needed to outsource AI consulting services to rectify their challenges.


High Expenses: The client was struggling with increasing customer support expenses caused by the necessity of a sizable support team to manage various customer inquiries.

Resolving customer problems tended to take longer, resulting in dissatisfaction and the potential for negative reviews.

Inconsistent Support: The inconsistency in the caliber of support delivered by different agents had a negative impact on the overall customer experience.


Our partner seamlessly incorporated state-of-the-art GenAI-powered Knowledge Assistant into the client's customer support system to handle everyday questions, offer insights, and help resolve common concerns.

Their Knowledge Assistant came equipped with powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities and a cutting-edge Large Language Model to precisely comprehend and address customer inquiries.

Whenever necessary, the chatbots effortlessly escalated intricate questions to human agents, providing them with pertinent background and recommendations.


The client experienced a significant 40% decrease in customer support expenses as fewer human agents were needed for handling routine inquiries.

Customer Happiness (CH) scores saw an impressive 25% boost, indicating a greater level of customer delight. Average response times were reduced by a notable 30%, resulting in happier and more satisfied customers.