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Enhancing Flow and Design

Unified platform for customers.


The client is the largest online seller of car audio products in Mexico, with more than ten years of industry experience.

They have over 4000 high-quality car audio accessories from famous brands, giving customers a unique sales experience. The client sought out consultants of web development services.


The client faced a significant challenge with their low conversion rate.

Despite providing a wealth of information on their website, they were unable to effectively convert website traffic into sales.

The majority of users opted to finalize their purchases on alternative platforms instead.

The primary objective is to boost sales by enhancing the user experience. To determine why the conversion rate is low, they interviewed customers and analyzed different metrics.

The findings indicated that users lacked trust in the platform, leading us to focus on improving the user flow.


Our partner wanted to increase conversion rates by prioritizing User Experience with a clear and unified design.

Our partner aimed to increase conversion rates by 1% and took steps to improve the client's e-commerce.

  • Create a robust but scalable system.
  • Create a unique site that caters to the specific needs of different types of users.
  • Promote cross-selling.
  • Boost customer loyalty by offering benefits for subscribing.
  • The final design focused on enhancing the flow and design system through our partner's website development services.
  • A unified platform was created for both Car Audio and Marino customers.
  • Key elements included a unique value proposition, high-quality imagery, and a pleasant shopping experience.
  • Delivered high quality homepage showcased a refined aesthetic with a compelling value proposition.
  • Our partner included an Automotive Compatibility Feature to verify product compatibility with specific vehicles.
  • Categorized and presented products in a card format with concise information for user friendly experience and ecommerce solutions.
  • Filters were provided to facilitate a quicker search for specific features.
  • Designed the product page to assist users in their decision-making process.
  • A two-column layout provided comprehensive product features and payment/shipping details.
  • Enhanced the checkout process with a linear and non-disruptive design.
  • Included necessary information, and the process encouraged us to make a purchase.
  • Transitioned the MVP to a pre-production environment for client testing before going live.