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Enhancing Internal Team Satisfaction through a Customized Loyalty Platform

Platform success opened doors for international adaptation.


A global leader in the energy industry, recognized the importance of improving the satisfaction levels of its internal team.

With this objective, the company embarked on a challenge to develop a loyalty platform that would facilitate two-way communication, enabling a stronger connection between the company and its employees.



The key challenge faced by the client was to create a loyalty platform that could effectively incorporate data in a user-friendly manner, catering to employees who were less familiar with technology. Additionally, the platform needed to foster internal competition by presenting KPIs to encourage the achievement of targets and motivate the team.


Our Accelerance partner successfully developed a customized loyalty platform that addressed the challenges faced by the client. The platform leveraged a simple graphical interface, ensuring ease of use for all employees, regardless of their technical proficiency. It also incorporated different roles and profiles, providing varying levels of access to optimize user experience.

To facilitate communication with suppliers, the platform integrated specific REST APIs, enabling seamless collaboration and improving overall efficiency. Moreover, the platform included robust reporting tools that provided valuable insights into performance metrics and allowed for data-driven decision-making. All of this was supported by a robust technological infrastructure hosted on AWS, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security.


The customized loyalty platform developed by our partner yielded exceptional results for the client. It significantly enhanced user participation, leading to increased engagement and satisfaction among the internal team. The incorporation of KPIs and a competitive environment contributed to a sense of achievement and motivation, driving overall team performance.

The success of the platform opened doors for its replication and adaptation internationally, catering to the dynamic needs of different markets. The client's internal team now has a comprehensive communication and engagement tool that strengthens their connection with the company, fostering a more collaborative and motivated work environment.

This case study highlights the transformative impact of a customized loyalty platform on enhancing internal team satisfaction within the client. Through effective communication, user-friendly interfaces, and data-driven features, the client was able to foster a culture of engagement, boosting the performance and morale of their internal team.