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Enhancing Performance and Security PDF Company and it’s Platforms

Collaboration between our partner and the client.


A renowned company providing online services for manipulating PDF files, partnered with our Accelerance partner to address the challenge of outdated plugins in the WordPress repositories.

These plugins were leading to compatibility issues and hindered the user experience.

This client is also an associated brand for image files, and experienced similar challenges.

Our partner’s specialized agile team was tasked with optimizing the syntactic structure of the plugins and enhancing the security and performance of both platforms.



The main challenge faced by our partner was dealing with outdated plugins in the WordPress repositories.

These plugins were causing incompatibilities and usability issues, which negatively impacted user experience.

The team needed to overcome legacy guidelines and make necessary unforeseen changes to address the challenges and improve the performance and security of the platforms.


Our Accelerance partner deployed a specialized agile team, equipped with expertise in technologies such as PHP, WordPress, GitHub, NpM, Code Sniffer, and PHPStan. Over a three-month period, the team optimized the syntactic structure of the plugins, prioritizing security and performance improvements.

They followed agile development principles to adapt quickly and implemented necessary changes to ensure compatibility and enhance the user experience.


The collaboration between our partner and the client yielded significant results. The optimized plugins resulted in an improved user experience in terms of performance and security.

The enhanced platforms led to positive impacts on license retention, ticketing requests, and overall efficiency in updates and plugin support.

By addressing the compatibility and usability issues, our partner demonstrated its ability to adapt and optimize solutions, ultimately contributing to the successful evolution of the client and all their platforms.

This case study highlights how our partner’s expertise in optimizing and adapting solutions led to improvements in performance, security, and user experience for the client and their platforms.

Through agile development methodologies and the implementation of advanced technologies, our partner successfully overcame challenges and provided valuable enhancements to the platforms, positively impacting the businesses' outcomes and customer satisfaction.