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Financial Management: Unleashing the Power of Data

AWS consulting to manage data.


Our Accelerance partner’s customer, an accounting giant and a prominent member of the top 10 leading advisory, tax, and assurance firms globally, stands as a beacon of guidance in the ever-evolving landscape of business.

Their team of specialized professionals possesses unrivaled expertise, navigating clients through the complex challenges of this dynamic world.


Our partner needed to connect with their client's app. This connection would allow them to track and make purchases and orders from vendors. By doing so, they would be able to help the business grow and expand.

However, the integration process posed various hurdles for their team. Our partner had to be careful when dealing with lots of imported data to follow the ITAR policies.


Our partner created an application to handle the client's business needs. It can manage vendors, procurements, purchases, and invoices with versatile features and multiple roles.

Their skilled team carefully focused on every detail to meet the client's specific application requirements.

Our partner's application surpassed client expectations, offering a simplified solution that improved workflows and provided unmatched control and oversight.

Our partner's app can be used for buying, approving, and tracking, making it a complete solution for procurement.


The implementation of our partner’s AWS consulting yielded significant benefits for their clients. The client improved their real-time data control, which increased their productivity and efficiency in their work environment.

Our partner provided the clients with tools and technology as part of their AWS services. These tools and technology helped the clients manage data effectively. As a result, the clients were able to make informed decisions and enhance their processes.

Our partner utilized a robust combination of technologies and tools. The frontend development leveraged Angular, while our backend development utilized NodeJS and Net 6 C# with various integrations such as OKTA SSO, NUnit, Rest Client, Sharepoint, and Syncfusion. The data was stored and managed in SQL RDS Instances.

For version control and continuous deployment, we utilized GitHub with trigger deployments using Ubuntu Runners.

The app was hosted on AWS. It utilized various services such as API Gateway, CloudFormation, CloudWatch, Quicksight, Secret Store, EventBridge, Cognito, and S3 Bucket. We used these services to ensure secure and scalable operations. In addition, we implemented SNS and SQS messaging queue services for efficient message handling.

Our partner's team utilized various technologies and tools to develop a robust solution. This solution successfully addressed our client's requirements and improved their data management process. As a result, our client found it easier and more efficient to handle their data.