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MVP delivered to Charlotte-based client with multi search, customization and transparency features.

Overview is a Charlotte-based internet search company developing a search engine experience with three primary features: Multi search, customization, and transparency. needed to move from a functioning prototype to a more robust MVP with enhanced features, functions and performance. 

Challenges came to Accelerance in need of a cost-effective, full-time software development partner for a long term engagement. needed to:

  • Add mobile for iOS/Android to the existing tech stack (HTML5, PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript)
  • Find a team with a proven track record in search engine capabilities

Accelerance matched with a Certified Partner in Costa Rica with the experience and guidance that they needed. 


Accelerance delivered a solution that significantly upgraded the MVP and exceeded’s expectations by:

  • Adjusting the initial prototype to match a new design/functionality
  • Migrated to an AWS system
  • Created a new Electron-based prototype