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Firm Achieves 31% Sales Through Cloud Assistance

IT consulting to achieve business success.


Over ten years, the client has established itself as a prominent IT solutions specialist and managed services partner for medium to large companies in Belgium. They specialize in creating secure and efficient work environments for their customers.


During the pandemic, the client experienced a significant surge in demand for their services. The client had to monitor more equipment every day, which made their workload increase.

The increase in volume caused problems for the client, especially when they had to manage more work during off-hours.


Based on thoroughly analyzing the client's requirements, our partner proposed the implementation of Managed Cloud Support Services.

They assigned two Cloud Support Engineers with expert knowledge in cloud and infrastructure management to the task. The primary objective was to provide support outside of Belgium's office hours, ensuring the client's customers' IT infrastructure devices remain operational and accessible.

The cloud support team is available from 4 a.m. to 1 p.m. Belgium time and has the following responsibilities.

  • Execution of routine maintenance tasks such as backups and updates.
  • Ensuring prompt restoration of any inactive device or service before the start of Belgium business hours. If authorized, the team takes immediate action; otherwise, they escalate the issue to the respective points of contact (POCs).

To carry out their duties effectively, the support team utilizes the following tools:

  • Azure and Microsoft 365: Leveraging cloud technologies to optimize operations.
  • 4me: IT service management tool facilitating efficient workflow and service coordination.
  • Veeam, Barracuda, and Azure: Backup technologies for secure data protection.
  • Datto and PRTG: Remote monitoring and management solutions ensuring comprehensive oversight of systems and prompt remediation of issues.

Our partner implemented key performance metrics to monitor and track the progress toward achieving the client's business goals. The metrics serve as a means to assess the effectiveness of the strategies and initiatives in place.

Furthermore, our partner team actively participates in project discussions, sharing their expertise and insights on best practices that can improve operations. By leveraging their experience, they contribute to the development and implementation of effective strategies that align with the client's goals.


As a result of our partner's efforts, the team has successfully maintained the following key performance indicators (KPIs) for their clients:

  • 99.9% network uptime
  • 99.9% server uptime
  • 95% server backup success rate
  • 100% resolution rate for alerts/events

With our partner's IT consulting, the client has been able to leverage their customers' IT infrastructure to achieve business success. This has subsequently led to an acceleration in the client's business growth.

After teaming up with our partner, the client's sales rose by 31% and customer satisfaction improved by 10%.

We expect this partnership to continue growing alongside the client's expanding business.