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Global Expansion for an Online Pharmacy

Achieve compliance with accessibility standards, expanding visibility to a broader audience.


A prominent online pharmacy was actively seeking to extend its reach into a new country. This strategic expansion has given rise to fresh demands, requiring valuable collaborations to help with website developers.

The client has partnered with our Accelerance partner for web development to speed up time to market.

This partnership improves web pages by updating inventory and managing shortages to ensure a constant supply of products.


To have accurate inventory, it's important to integrate with a trustworthy third-party like Rappi. This requires development services. Moreover, there is a need to expand the online pharmacy business's presence in new markets. Implementing automated processes for quality control and production efficiency can alleviate delays in product release.


The client needed to work with a company that specialized in web design and development. Our partner seamlessly integrated APIs with external services to facilitate collaboration and data exchange.

Our partner's team offers a variety of web development services.

They used modern technology (React + Next JS) that is fast and works well on all web browsers and devices.

Through effective collaboration, we successfully implement integrations that eliminate delays and ensure accurate inventory display on the website. They implement a robust testing process with Automation Engineers, guaranteeing reliability.

Our partner helps shoppers find personalized recipes. They also make it easier for shoppers to add ingredients to their carts. They achieve this by collaborating with other providers. Usability tests and customer feedback loops continue to enhance the platform's user experience, resulting in higher engagement and customer satisfaction.

The team deals with the issue of long regression tests. Several test cases and different processes caused this issue. It occurs when setting up a new store.


The client's website achieved compliance with the country's accessibility standards, enhancing its visibility to a wider audience.

Integrate APIs with different platforms for smooth operations, scalability, accurate data, fast market entry, and cost savings.

Improved web pages: Fast, reliable website with real-time product info prevents shipping delays and keeps customers satisfied.

Faster product deployment achieved by using automated testing, leading to quicker time-to-market.