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Improving a Major Basketball Team

Using data to make informed decisions that provide strategic advantage.


The client wanted an app to study basketball game videos and enhance game strategies and decision-making, using AI. The client sought out an AI consulting company to help. This aimed to extract valuable insights regarding player performance.

  • The development of a court segmentation model is crucial for this project due to its specific requirements.
  • Moving to cloud clusters is crucial for efficient data processing, especially for tasks like image processing and model training.
  • The app and software tool development includes a frontend system to effectively provide information to end-users.
  • Uncovering valuable insights and key statistics, the team provided actionable information to gain a deeper understanding of past games.
  • Equipping coaches and players with game-changing insights enhanced gameplay, refined strategies, and fostered cohesive team dynamics.
  • A system was created to store science data and stats, making decision-making easier with user-friendly dashboards.

Our Accelerance partner utilized a computer vision tool to extract data from various basketball games played by the team.

The information was used to make and teach a special court separation model that meets the project's specific needs. To improve the final result, our innovation and DevOps teams worked together to make coding more efficient.

Before implementation, we incorporated Norfair, a tool capable of predicting players' future positions based on their past positions. This tool was important for identifying players and keeping track of their stats, like points, assists, blocks, and steals. Using player positions, they figured out which team had the ball in each play.

They decided to transition from using local computers to utilizing cloud clusters. This decision was made in order to address two main issues.

The first issue was the difficulty in analyzing player 
movements on the court. The second issue was the challenge of managing a large amount of video footage.

This AI strategy used cloud computing advantages like scalability and processing power to analyze data effectively. The client's backend tool stored all the collected data for future use.

The data science stored and transformed into visually appealing graphics and interactive dashboards. Frontend tools can query these dashboards, providing coaches with the means to effectively harness the information.

Coaches can now use data to make informed decisions. This newfound knowledge provides the team with a strategic advantage, unlocking new levels of success.