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Improving Skills Management Software Firm

Significant growth in efficiency and satisfaction rate.


As a leading provider of skills management software, this company has established a strong presence in over 75 countries.

Their software solutions cater to clients operating in complex and dynamic environments, including industries such as energy, manufacturing, field service, and healthcare.

They help companies worldwide by improving efficiency and empowering them to manage their workforce's skills effectively. 


The client faced a critical need to enhance their IT solutions for their clients, focusing on expediting the resolution of customer-facing tickets.

They sought IT consulting services not only to address existing issues promptly but also to proactively prevent their recurrence. Additionally, there was a necessity for comprehensive client training on the software.


Our partner’s dedicated team delivered unmatched support tailored to their specific requirements. From efficient troubleshooting to proactive maintenance, they ensured seamless system operations, minimizing downtime and optimizing productivity. The implementation of infrastructure monitoring proved instrumental in averting problems before they reached clients.


140% increase in client-facing ticket turnover.

The significant growth shows that clients are very satisfied, as the satisfaction rate has been increasing.

Technologies and Tools:

Zendesk: This efficient ticket management system allowed us to effectively handle client inquiries and support issues.

Jira helped track and solve issues quickly, ensuring prompt resolution for clients with its efficient issue tracking tool.

Dynatrace: They employed Dynatrace for comprehensive infrastructure monitoring, enabling us to proactively identify and address any performance or stability issues, minimizing disruption and downtime.