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Innovative Solutions for Boiler Health: A Case Study on Predictive Monitoring and Mitigation of Water-Related Failures

Analyzing patterns to decrease failure rates.


A leading Japanese commercial boiler manufacturer, partnered with our Accelerance partner to address the need for an advanced monitoring solution. This solution needed to provide health metrics and predict failures. This case study highlights the successful collaboration between the client and our partner, showcasing an innovative approach to mitigate boiler failures caused by water quality issues.


After a meticulous analysis of boiler failures, it was determined that water quality played a pivotal role. Mineral deposits in pipes were identified as a significant contributing factor to these failures. Overcoming this challenge required an effective method to detect and monitor calcification in the pipes.


Our partner rose to the occasion and developed a sensor array that utilized vibration sensors to detect the presence of calcification in pipes. In addition, they created a sophisticated machine learning algorithm capable of analyzing acoustic patterns to identify changes. The comprehensive solution enabled proactive identification of potential failures, significantly reducing failure rates and ensuring uninterrupted uptime.


The implementation of our partner’s solution had a profound impact on the client’s operations. By detecting calcification in pipes and analyzing acoustic patterns, failure rates decreased exponentially. This breakthrough technology not only enhanced overall performance and reliability but also streamlined maintenance processes and prolonged equipment lifespan. As a result, the client experienced improved productivity, significant reduction in downtime, increased customer satisfaction, and overall business success.