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Investment Management Solutions Expands into the Philippines

Creative solutions yield better recruitment, HR, and more.


Our partner has a famous European client. This client has helped 40% of the top global financial institutions improve performance. They achieved this through their advanced investment management platform and ecosystem.

Companies need to keep up with strict regulations and changing customer preferences to stay competitive in today's business world. Therefore, the client sought out ERP consulting services.

Our partner has strategically chosen to fortify its competitive advantage by adopting a sustainable and robust research and development strategy.

By funding advanced research, they can predict new trends and take advantage of opportunities before they become popular. 


As part of their company's strategic plan, they were thrilled to announce their expansion into the Philippines. This move will help our partner benefit from the country's skilled software developers and improve our software development abilities.

They wanted to begin their operations in the Philippines quickly to take advantage of the expanding market.

Starting operations in the Philippines may be delayed if they don't have the right local knowledge and facilities. To avoid this setback, they had to consider alternative options that would allow them to quickly execute their plans.


Our partner's team worked closely with the client's HR department to determine the tasks and deadlines.

After determining the needs and procedures, the current Philippine team members smoothly moved to our partner.

Our partner promptly initiated recruitment for additional team members, based on the client's preferred profiles. Our partner hired new team members as full-time employees, and they are currently based in our headquarters.

Our partner's team currently consists of 97 skilled members. They excel in providing software development and technology support services to our valued clients.


Recruitment: Faster & more efficient staffing

Our Accelerance partner successfully improved the company’s recruitment process, making it faster and more efficient. By implementing innovative strategies and leveraging technology, the company aimed to streamline its hiring process and attract the best talent.

Branded Space: Ready seats & modern facilities

The company aimed to enhance productivity and foster a positive work culture. They wanted to make a workspace that matches their brand and gives employees comfort and inspiration.

IT & Connectivity: Reliable, fully-compliant 24/7 expert support

Our partner helped this company ensure reliable and fully compliant IT and connectivity support. The company wanted to offer round-the-clock assistance and ensure the smooth operation of its IT system. They planned to achieve this by collaborating with skilled service providers who would adhere to all regulations and guidelines.

HR & Payroll: Professional management of employee life cycle

The company wanted to make it easy for new employees to join, manage payroll efficiently, and help employees grow. The goal was to create a supportive and well-structured environment that fosters employee growth and satisfaction.

These companies reached their goals and improved their business by using strategic plans, creative solutions, and prioritizing employee happiness.