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Accelerance certified partner engineering team delivers new mobile application possible of social platform integration for US based health and wellness company.


Kyani is an international health and wellness company supporting the independent distribution of its natural line of nutritional and wellness products derived from the wild Alaskan blueberry known as Ky-ani.

Kyani’s in-house development team was working at full capacity, but needed to quickly scale a team to work on new initiatives. Kyani, like many growing companies, faced a tight local market for technical talent. 


Additional seats were needed to build out Kyani’s next level of initiatives that included:

  • Guidance and support as the team extended
  • A new mobile application to integrate with international social platforms
  • An application to interface with social platforms outside of the US

Accelerance paired Kyani with a Certified Partner who had the relevant experience in social and mobile solutions who offered:

  • Excellent communication skills which eased conversation and sped up the workflow
  • Access to readily available, certified professionals with hard-to-find skill sets
  • Ability to develop in Google Go or other potentially viable platforms (ie: C#, Java)

The relationship with Kyani and Acceerance’s Certified Partner was closely monitored and optimized through Accelerance’s management and delivery services. It offered Kyani maximum flexibility and scaleability, quickly growing and shrinking as needed, while also realigning projects among teams. The Certified Partner delivered web and mobile apps, a registration app, as well as development in Google Go. The partner even helped Kyani’s internal team develop APIs. Kyani’s software vision has remained on track and the partner has continued to successfully deliver version releases over the last three years.