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Media Pro

Accelerance cuts client development costs in high-priced Seattle market.


MediaPro produces learning solutions for information security and privacy awareness as well as compliance training materials.

MediaPro needed to acquire software development more cost-effectively than their high-priced Seattle market allowed. They simply could not afford to hire internal developers due to astronomical local salaries. 


MediaPro required a more affordable development team, but one that would still be invested in the end product as if it were their own. High labor costs in the hot Seattle tech market made it hard to attract and retain top-tier talent. MediaPro’s requirements for an outsourcing partner included:

  • Workday time zones that overlapped
  • An accurate, proven record for development sprints

Accelerance met with MediaPro’s Director of Engineering and aligned three certified partners who met the client’s criteria. After introductions and video interviews, Accelerance matched MediaPro with a nearshore partner with development offices in Mexico. This partner offered:

  • Strong competencies in Agile, angular 2.0, Web services, .NET, SaaS and Enterprise
  • Same time zone which allowed for work to be completed in real time
  • History of growing partnerships and becoming a true extension of their clients’ teams

MediaPro realized quantifiable, high impact benefits from its outsourcing partnership that:

  • Saved MediaPro more than 100 hours of due diligence work
  • Began with a high-quality, 10-seat team with to execute the first project, followed by plans to scale into a larger, long-term relationship
  • Provided significant cost reductions compared to MediaPro’s Seattle market rates, with a comparable quality of work product