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Media Pro

Accelerance cuts client development costs in high-priced Seattle market.


MediaPro is a leading provider of learning solutions focused on information security, privacy awareness, and compliance training materials. Their expertise helps organizations educate and empower their workforce to mitigate risks and maintain regulatory compliance.

MediaPro faced a significant challenge: the sky-high costs of software development in the competitive Seattle market. 

High salaries made it difficult to hire in-house developers. They needed to find a more cost-effective solution for their software projects and web development services. Therefore, they turned to us for outsourcing solutions.


MediaPro sought a web development team that could deliver high-quality results while staying within their budget. 

They wanted a partner who would treat their projects as if they were their own, ensuring a vested interest in the end product. 

Yet, the labor costs in the Seattle tech market made it difficult to attract and retain top-tier talent.

Key requirements for MediaPro's outsourcing partner included:

  • Overlapping workday time zones, ensuring effective collaboration and communication.
  • A proven track record in development sprints, delivering accurate and timely results.
We worked closely with their Director of Engineering. Utilizing their extensive network and expertise, we carefully selected three certified partners who met the client's criteria. 

Through introductions and video interviews, we facilitated the perfect match, connecting MediaPro with a nearshore partner based in Mexico.

The skillsets of this partner included:
  • Skilled in Agile, Angular 2.0, Web Development Services, .NET, SaaS, and Enterprise, ensuring high-quality development in various technologies.
  • Working in the same time zone as MediaPro, enabling real-time collaboration and streamlined communication.
  • Proven track record of building partnerships and acting as an extension of clients' teams, creating lasting and meaningful relationships.

By working with us and an outsourced partner, MediaPro achieved their goal of affordable software development and project management without compromising quality.Other positive results from this collaboration:

  • Saving over 100 hours of work on research allowed the MediaPro team to focus on their main goals. This means they can avoid spending time on time-consuming vendor assessments.
  • Completing the first project with a team of 10 people. This set the groundwork for a lasting partnership. The partnership can grow as necessary.
  • Significant cost reductions compared to Seattle market rates, enabling MediaPro to allocate their resources efficiently without compromising the quality of their work product.

This successful outsourcing partnership has encouraged MediaPro to continue delivering exceptional learning solutions to their clients, ultimately driving business growth and success. 

Our extensive network of skilled professionals enabled us to identify and match MediaPro's unique needs with the perfect candidate, paving the way for a beneficial partnership.