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Mobile App for Innovative Package-Free Solutions

Top App Developers revolutionizing the customer experience.


Our partner collaborated closely with the project team of a major international beverage company to accelerate innovation.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, our partner closely collaborated with customers and utilized experimentation and technology to successfully bring concepts to life.

The company needed mobile app developers. They sought out Accelerance to match them with a mobile app development company to take on the challenge.


The COVID pandemic made businesses quickly change their models to prioritize customer safety due to uncertainty.

This has been particularly evident in restaurants and other establishments that rely on in-person interactions.

Many businesses implemented measures such as capacity limitations, social distancing protocols, and increased sanitization practices to adhere to safety guidelines and restrictions.

Businesses had to adapt to the pandemic and meet customer needs safely and responsibly by making strategic changes.


Our Accelerance partner uses top app developers. They successfully created a touchless beverage dispensing system that revolutionizes the way customers pour their drinks.

With this new solution, customers can use their phones to pour their favorite drink by scanning a QR code. They can quickly choose their drink and flavor, and the system will give it to them without touching anything.

This technology is extremely useful in places like restaurants, stores, and shops, where cleanliness and minimizing contact are important.

By implementing this touchless beverage dispensing system, businesses can offer a safer and a better user experience.

Using smartphones to pour drinks reduces the need for shared handles or buttons, lowering germ spread and promoting cleanliness.

This innovation makes it easy for customers to enjoy their favorite drinks while staying healthy and safe.


The new drink dispenser system was developed quickly and effectively. It went from idea to testing with important customers in just 6 weeks. This accomplishment is remarkable for its speed and efficiency.

They reduced the mobile full regression test time from 1 week to 20 minutes, achieving a 100x improvement in testing efficiency.

The project has garnered significant recognition in the form of 3 prestigious innovation awards, underscoring the exceptional impact and ingenuity of this endeavor.