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Mobile App for Quality of Life for Diabetic Individuals

Effortless transfer of data ensures an optimized experience and access to relevant analytics.


Enables effortless transfer of blood sugar data directly from the meter to the mobile app. The client needed top mobile app developers. Fortunately, they were matched with one of our best mobile app consulting firms.


The client is a big player in the glucose monitoring industry, selling various products, including their main glucose meter.

The company wanted to make a wireless glucose meter. This meter would send results to mobile devices. This would make it easier for users to monitor their glucose levels.

It would also make it more convenient and simpler for them. With a proven track record of successful collaborations, they chose our trusted Accelerance partner for this important project.


Our partner created a new product that connects a glucose meter to a mobile app using Bluetooth technology. This allows for effortless transfer of blood sugar data directly to the app.

The app has graphs, logbooks, and data sharing with healthcare providers for easy tracking and monitoring.

The app supports the pairing of multiple meters, providing users with an even more comprehensive view of their glucose levels.

The app includes country-specific versions tailored to the specific regulatory requirements and preferences of Canada, Germany, and Japan.

This ensures that users in these regions have an optimized experience and access to relevant analytics on their behaviors and patterns.


Our partner’s solution has revolutionized the connectivity between the glucose meter and mobile devices by enabling seamless Bluetooth connection. The meter now effortlessly stores crucial glucose information on the mobile device, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

The updated mobile app incorporates a host of new features to enhance the healthcare management experience. Caregivers and family can now help with healthcare by setting reminders and staying informed about progress.

Users receive help and motivation from their family through teamwork. This teamwork leads to better control of their glucose levels and overall health.

These advancements have resulted in a more streamlined and accessible experience for users.

Their solution gives users instant access to their glucose data and allows caregivers to be involved. This helps users take charge of their health and make informed choices. It facilitates better glucose level management, promotes a healthy lifestyle, and ultimately leads to improved overall well-being.