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Modernizing Colombia's Energy Planning and Distribution System

Implementation of modern and scalable technologies.


The client, a key player in Colombia's energy market and electric power transmission system, recognizes the need to modernize its energy planning and distribution system. The reliance on a legacy system poses risks to the energy market, distribution planning, competition, and security. To ensure sustained success, the client is taking proactive measures to implement an advanced and efficient web application. This innovative approach will propel the client into the future, safeguard its position as a market leader, and reinforce its commitment to innovation and technological advancement.


Our partner, with the goal of maintaining the client's industry leadership, developed a cutting-edge and user-friendly Simplex platform to enhance energy distribution and predictions.

During the competitive selection process, our partner Software emerged as the winning vendor. Our success can be attributed to our extensive experience with enterprise clients in the energy sector, a low developer/employee turnover rate, strong technical capabilities, and our approach as a technology partner. We take responsibility for technical decision-making and guide projects towards success, which set us apart from other software vendors in the region, ensuring a successful collaboration with the client.


SIMPLEX is an advanced software platform that supports the client in three key areas:

  1. Energy Distribution Planning: SIMPLEX enables the client to make informed decisions regarding energy distribution, determining who receives energy and in what quantities. By analyzing numerous case studies and scenarios, the client can generate results to report to the Energy and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG), facilitating efficient national energy distribution planning.
  2. Competitive Pricing Calculation: SIMPLEX takes into account various conditions to calculate pricing, allowing the client to offer the most competitive rates in the market. This feature aids in optimizing revenue and improving market competitiveness.
  3. Energy Quality Measurement: SIMPLEX also measures the quality of purchased energy and determines its distribution. This ensures that the client maintains high standards of energy quality throughout the distribution process.

With its user-friendly interface and robust backend technology, SIMPLEX empowers energy operators to effortlessly devise optimal energy distribution plans with confidence and minimal effort.

  • Simplex empowers the client to meet the evolving demands of the rapidly expanding energy sector in Colombia.
  • Our partner implementation of modern and scalable technologies has enabled the client to increase operational efficiencies.
  • With Simplex, processing time has been reduced from 40/50 minutes to just 5 minutes, improving resource optimization.
  • By mitigating IT and operational risks, Simplex helps XM to operate more effectively and confidently.