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Developing Custom Tools for Mobile Gaming Leader ONMO Inc.


At Accelerance, we believe in empowering businesses to thrive through strategic software development services and solutions.

We helped ONMO Inc., a leading mobile gaming company, to enhance their operations and improve their services.

ONMO Inc. focuses on cloud-based mobile gaming, providing fun experiences to people worldwide.

Accelerance's expert team worked closely with ONMO Inc. to develop cutting-edge internal tools tailored to optimize B2B client support.

After aligning our expertise with ONMO Inc.'s vision, we successfully enhanced their operational efficiency and customer service capabilities.

In addition to developing internal tools, we conducted a comprehensive feasibility study on React Native apps to explore new avenues for growth and innovation within the mobile gaming sector.

Our in-depth examination provided valuable insights that paved the way for future development initiatives.

Our team undertook the task of cleaning ONMO Inc.'s frontend React code to enhance performance and user experience. Through meticulous optimization, we streamlined their codebase, ensuring seamless functionality and improved overall performance.


Accelerance was hired to undertake three key objectives aimed at optimizing the client's software ecosystem. They initially had the task of developing a user-friendly frontend interface for a back-office support tool.

Accelerance used mobile app development experts to assist. This involved making a user-friendly interface and connecting it smoothly with the current backend systems.

The second challenge that Accelerance faced was to improve the structure and clarity of the client's front-end code.

This entailed conducting a comprehensive code cleanup, addressing any inconsistencies or inefficiencies, and optimizing the codebase for enhanced performance and maintainability.

Accelerance had the opportunity to develop a strategy for releasing a unique mobile app for a large number of the client's B2B clients.

This involved developing a plan that meets the target audience's needs. The plan also needed to ensure the successful launch and use of the app.

These objectives presented a formidable challenge and required Accelerance to leverage their expertise and experience in frontend development, code optimization, and mobile app strategy. 


For this project, Accelerance assembled a dedicated team of 2 to 5 expert professionals from our network of partners.

Each team member was carefully chosen based on their skills, experience, and relevance to our specific requirements. With this well-rounded team, we were confident in our ability to deliver exceptional results.

The collaboration with Accelerance revolved around several key areas aimed at supporting the client’s growing list of B2B clients who leverage our white-labeled gaming system for their subscribers.

Accelerance played a pivotal role in developing new internal tools designed to enhance our ability to support their B2B clients effectively and efficiently.

Leveraging their expertise, they successfully created custom solutions tailored to address the unique needs of our valued clients.

Accelerance also conducted an extensive feasibility study, specifically exploring the creation of React Native apps for each of our clients. This thorough assessment evaluated the viability and benefits of employing React Native technology within our ecosystem.

Based on the findings, Accelerance collaborated with the client to establish a streamlined pipeline for maintaining and updating these apps across various app stores, ensuring seamless performance and an optimal user experience.

Accelerance's team provided valuable support by cleaning up our existing frontend React code. By optimizing the code, our team made our software faster and easier to use, creating a better experience for users.

Key Deliverables:

  • Development of new internal tools to support B2B client operations.
  • Feasibility study on creating React Native apps for each client.
  • Establishment of a pipeline for maintaining and updating React Native apps in various app stores.
  • Cleanup and optimization of existing frontend React code for improved performance and user experience.


After working with Accelerance, the client improved their ability to help B2B clients and learned a lot from the detailed study.

Our skills and shared values helped us form a successful partnership. This partnership resulted in top-notch solutions that perfectly met our needs. The process was collaborative and efficient.