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Outsourcing Enables Australian Packaging Leader to Thrive in 16 Countries

Fast and reliable customer support by leveraging expertise.


The client, initially operating as a packaging and container manufacturing company in Australia, successfully expanded to New Zealand. Over the course of 16 years, they focused on promoting sustainability through innovative packaging, reuse, and recycling solutions in the Australasian consumer and industrial sectors. As a result, they aspired to expand globally.


Recognizing the need for scalable support systems to accommodate their expansion, the client redirected internal resources towards implementing their growth plans.

To enhance the reliability of their Manila-based IT service desk and technical support team, they actively sought assistance. During their search for a suitable partner in the Philippines, they were referred to our Accelerance partner.


Following an in-depth analysis of the client's Philippine offshore operations, our partner devised a comprehensive plan to transition the existing team from a captive setup to an outsourced model. Within a short period of 30 days, the team successfully completed the transition and commenced operations at our partner's headquarters in BGC, Taguig City. Throughout the process, our partner provided extensive support, with their HR and operations teams ensuring a seamless transition that minimized disruptions to the client's operations.

Our Accelerance partner played a crucial role in establishing key performance metrics and implementing robust processes to reinforce the Philippine team. They took responsibility for augmenting the team as needed to meet the client's evolving requirements.


Leveraging our partner's expertise in providing technical and customer support, the client successfully managed the surge in demand for customer service following their expansion.

This led to significant improvements in customer satisfaction and loyalty, as exemplified by the increase in the Net Promoter Score (NPS) from 40% to 70%.

The client now has enhanced confidence in delivering fast and reliable customer support, allowing them to channel their focus towards growth initiatives.

They now cater to leading brands located across 133 locations spanning 16 countries worldwide. While the client continues to expand rapidly, our partner's Philippine support team also grows simultaneously.
This remarkable transition was achieved within just 30 days from building the support team, allowing the client to scale from Australasia to a truly global presence.