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Pharmaceutical Commercial Management with Mobile Solutions

Improving the user experience.


A lab in Argentina focuses on creating and selling specialized medicines for different disorders. These disorders include heart, digestive, respiratory, psychiatric, neurological, rheumatological, and infectious diseases.

The lab needed to improve its Commercial Management app. This improvement would allow the sales team to easily order products, track client interactions, and analyze data. The purpose of these improvements is to identify products and clients that need development in order to meet goals.

Sales representatives required a mobile solution that updates in real-time. The solution needed to work on various devices and platforms and function properly even with a slow internet connection. This was essential for their tasks when meeting clients.

Our partner created a new and improved mobile platform for the laboratory by working together and using creative ideas. It makes managing the lab easier and more user-friendly.

With a focus on transparency and partnership, our expert team leveraged cutting-edge mobile development services in Objective C and Objective-C to bring the laboratory's commercial operations into a new era of efficiency and effectiveness.


The laboratory boasts a strong sales force and excellent customer service, which have resulted in millions of units sold to various healthcare entities.

To support commercial management, the company has implemented several applications and technology platforms.

However, the lab needed to enhance these tools by developing a mobile application that would add new features and optimize commercial team management.

The aim was to improve sales and yield positive company results.

Our partner and the client worked together to create a groundbreaking solution that changed the way commercial management is done.


Developed a hybrid language application using Phonegap to meet the client's needs.

We made the application compatible with iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 devices.

Implemented offline functionality to allow users to work without an internet connection.

Integrated synchronization capability to ensure data is updated and consistent across devices.

Key features of the application included authentication for sales representatives, analysis of clients and commercial visits, order placement, transfers, offers, and commercial planning.

Created a comprehensive work plan that encompassed all stages of development, from planning to commissioning the application.

Produced technical documents and functional design specifications to guide the development process.


Our partner's mobile development consulting helped us add new features to improve the client's order registration, credential validation, and application synchronization.

By focusing on improving user experience and overall usability, the client significantly increased internal customer satisfaction and adoption rates.

The ability to place orders offline revolutionized the company's record-keeping, ensuring a more accurate tracking of customer requests.

Our partner worked together with others to challenge the usual way of doing things and suggest a different approach. This led to significant and positive changes in the client's business management.