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Platform Company Achieves 40% Reduction in Costs

Boosting business and gaining more of the market.


The client faced various challenges in managing its support needs, including the complexity of vendor management and limited collaboration between multiple service providers. This resulted in resource-intensive efforts and hindered the company's ability to implement changes efficiently.

Our partner proposed a comprehensive solution. This solution involves consolidating support areas into one location and forming a dedicated team to manage all support tasks. This approach eliminated the complexities of managing multiple vendors and improved collaboration. With end-to-end recruitment services, our partner provided the company with the right talent for its needs. 


Complexity of Vendor Management: The company used different service providers ranging from freelancers to corporate vendors to meet its support needs. This made managing these vendors complex, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. The company needed to divert resources that could have gone to income-generating activities to manage the different vendors.

Limited Collaboration: The multiple vendors used divergent frameworks and approaches, limiting collaboration between them and negatively impacting the speed of service delivery to the company's customers. This limited collaboration also made it difficult for the company to implement changes quickly or efficiently.

Our partner proposed a comprehensive solution. This solution involves consolidating all support areas into one location.

Additionally, our partner created a dedicated team to manage all support tasks. This approach eliminated the complexity of managing multiple vendors and provided a platform for better collaboration. Our partner provided end-to-end recruitment services to identify and hire the right candidates for the company's needs.

The client assisted their team in improving collaboration, adaptability, and job focus. They provided assistance and experts in various areas. This helped the team work better together, be more flexible, and concentrate on their main responsibilities. This allowed them to work together more effectively, adapt to changes more easily, and prioritize their core tasks.


The engagement started with a discovery phase. Our partner analyzed the client's current multi-vendor approach, noted their support needs, and identified the problems they were dealing with. The client expressed their need for a dedicated team for research and development.

Once our partner gained a thorough understanding of the client's desired outcomes, their operations team devised a tailored solution. This solution involved integrating support for cloud engineering, web development, and database management, all under one roof. This consolidated approach eliminated the complexities associated with managing multiple vendors and streamlined the entire support process.

Our partner offers complete recruitment services, managing everything from finding talent to hiring the right employees.

A team of Cloud Engineers, PHP Full-Stack Developers, and software testing was gathered for research and development. This happened within a month. Remarkably, within just six months, this team successfully developed a flexible platform with modular features.

The developed platform offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities, including efficient management of grants, volunteers, sponsorships, scholarships, and corporate giving operations. The platform helps global teams track CSR and sponsorship efforts. It also assists in facilitating research grant collaboration and impact monitoring.


Consolidation and Expansion: By leveraging the integrated operational support system, the client was able to consolidate and expand their platform. This growth helped them enter new markets and reach more people, boosting business and gaining more of the market.

Improved Efficiency and Cost Reduction: The adoption of the integrated operational support system resulted in improved overall efficiency for the client. As a result, they cut costs by 20% by making processes more efficient and using one vendor for faster results. This reduction in costs allowed the client to allocate resources more effectively, leading to improved profitability.

Philanthropy Management Tool: Our partner helped the client develop a strong tool for managing and growing their charitable work. This tool helps companies, schools, and other groups improve their charitable work and have a good influence on society.

Business Development and Expansion: By letting our partner handle operational support, QA software and testing, and philanthropy management, the client could concentrate on growing their business. This strategic shift allowed them to explore and conquer new geographies, expanding their reach and market presence.