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Public Works Transparency Project for South American Country

Detailed information on public works.


The CGR in a South American country is a top agency that oversees the State administration. Established and granted autonomy under the country's political constitution, the CGR operates independently from the executive power and other public agencies.

The primary role of the Comptroller is to provide thorough supervision of a legal, accounting, and financial nature.

Their goal was to ensure that government agencies adhere to the law and follow the necessary procedures. They aimed to protect the idea of lawfulness and prevent government agencies from exceeding their limits. Therefore, they sought out web development services from our Accelerance partner.

  • Needed to share information related to public works in compliance with transparency policies
  • Emphasis on prioritizing user experience
  • Developing a mobile application is the best option
  • Mobile application enables users to make inquiries within a geographical space about public works

Formation of a project team based on institution's needs and web development consulting

Development of native applications for iOS and Android chosen as the best alternative

High demand for technological capacity, especially for functionalities like augmented reality

Native applications offer higher performance

Maximizing user experience through higher performance of native applications


Development of a first level application

Detailed information on public works available upon user request

Requested functionalities performed correctly

Superior user experience in viewing, learning, and reporting works

Improved access and reporting for corresponding entity