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Purchasing Journey Through a Seamless User Experience

Achieving impressive success, the sales platform thrives with its new UX.


A prominent bank with over 10 million users started its own online store as part of a strategic plan. Our partner wanted to make us a top digital platform in finance. They wanted to offer more services and products to our customers to make their experience better. This move aimed to enhance the overall banking experience for our valued customers.


The task had two main challenges: carrying out the business plan and supervising the creation of the sales system. However, armed with a clear understanding of our company's objectives, they diligently translated the strategy into actionable steps, efficiently implementing them. This involved seamless coordination with various teams and departments to ensure alignment towards our overarching goals.


Our partner has the skills and knowledge to handle the whole process of making the sales platform.

They actively participated in every stage. They used their technical skills and UX research. They created a strong, easy-to-use sales platform to improve user experience.

The platform met our business needs. They carefully planned and executed a smooth and effective sales platform, which helped our business strategy succeed and overall user experience.


In 4 months, they launched the marketplace in time for Black Friday 2021, making it easy for users to navigate. The sales platform achieved success by selling $100k worth of products in just 2 months with the new UX. This accomplishment is particularly impressive considering the short time frame. In the first 4 months, the platform grew a lot and had an customer experience.