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Quality Assurance for Animation Engineer

Time and resource saving.


The client initially released the platform as open-source. Their goal was to create an advanced animation engine. This engine would smoothly move objects on a mobile screen.

Nine years later, the company remains at the forefront of mobile animation and interaction. The platform has a powerful feature that helps anyone create a user-friendly, attractive, and effective online store. Its tools and abilities achieve this.

The client needs software testing and quality assurance. They sought out quality assurance consultants.


Our partner tested all the client's products. They wanted to ensure that the products work well, are easy to use, and have no problems or errors. They aimed to accomplish this task in the most efficient and time-effective manner possible.

The client prioritizes delivering customized pieces for various product sales platforms. They create attractive experiences that make content more interesting, engage people, and increase sales. They use different methods like Mobile Selling Pages, Ad pages, Link in a Bio, and dynamic presentations.

The client offers two subscription options: free and pro. The key distinction between these plans lies in the number of templates offered and the complexity of their functions.


Initial testing phase conducted by a dedicated team of manual testers for deploy-ready templates.

Bugs discovered in productive templates that undermined product quality and software quality assurance.

Testing goals shifted to focus on improving existing templates alongside quick releases.

Demonstrated flexibility by actively supporting product growth.

Integration into management board and merging of experts with in-house team. 

  • Partner established and expanded a QA process for the client.
  • Resulted in time and resource savings and global impact, benefiting 11 million creators and 18,000 daily platform users.
  • Comprehensive QA software testing ensured adherence to quality standards and addressed existing bugs.
  • Improved overall operational efficiency and excellence for the client.
  • Partner recognized the importance of having a team that could impress and adapt to client needs.
  • Remained flexible in working with an ongoing project.
  • Conducted eight rounds of validations and revisions on over 190 templates.