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Rate My Agent is Australia’s #1 real estate agent ratings & statistics website.

Overview is Australia’s #1 real estate agent ratings and statistics website. Founded in 2014, RateMyAgent provides a platform where buyers and sellers can freely consider peer feedback and experiences. Statistics compiled and presented on the website evaluate a real estate agent’s performance across a number of key measures. RateMyAgent helps home buyers ”Find the best real estate agent the first time…”

RatemyAgent wanted multiple development teams - each led by a Senior Developer. The Senior Developer would be responsible to recruit and guide Junior Developers. In the first phase of outsourcing, RatemyAgent envisioned using 4-6 developers and, assuming continued growth and success, the engagement would scale to 20, 30+ developers.


RatemyAgent needed an outsourcing provider that could mirror and improve upon the existing MVP and its platform (all built in .Net, SQL, AWS, Nosql, Redis, Elasticsearch). The plan was to use an improved MVP to launch in the US market due to their needs for:

  • The US market entry was an ideal time to leverage an outsourced software development partner.
  • No prior outsourcing experience.
  • Leveraged Accelerance consulting services to prevent delayed delivery, identify and engage an experienced offshore development team.

With consulting and coaching by the Accelerance team, a Philippines-based Accelerance Certified Partner was selected and quickly brought up to speed to:

  • Enhance the previously-created MVP using RateMyAgent’s multiple-teams approach, including senior development leadership
  • Offer a prime workday time zone overlap with the Australian-based client
RatemyAgent’s software is now successfully launched in the US, and their Accelerance Partner continues to support and improve upon their software code base.