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Reducing Costs by 64%: How the Market Leader in Digital Solutions Achieved Success with a Unified ERP

Uninterrupted operations support, fostering seamless communication between departments.


To streamline and optimize the delivery of field services, our partner’s client has strategically implemented a highly advanced and intricate network of project and multi-client systems.

These cutting-edge systems empower them to effortlessly handle numerous projects concurrently, allowing for seamless coordination and efficient management of a wide range of tasks.

By leveraging this robust infrastructure, their client can cater to the ever-evolving needs of prominent telecom and digital original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction while maintaining unrivaled levels of operational excellence. After leveraging these advanced tools, they were able to provide seamless services that met the expectations of their clients.



Due to the complexity of their systems, the company had to engage with multiple vendors to ensure smooth operations.

However, they were dissatisfied with the high maintenance costs associated with this environment. The detrimental effects of inconsistent and inaccurate data cannot be overstated. The worry it induces within an organization is not only a drain on productivity but also a hindrance to progress.

With vital information scattered across multiple systems, miscommunication becomes an all too common occurrence, leading to delays in schedules and inefficiencies in-field servicing. Realizing the urgency of the situation, the company recognized the imperative need for a robust and reliable digital platform that could seamlessly integrate all data sources.

This digital platform would serve as a centralized hub where data from various sources could be seamlessly synchronized. Gone would be the days of wasting valuable time searching through multiple systems; instead, employees could effortlessly access relevant information with just a few clicks.

This newfound efficiency would translate into improved decision-making capabilities and heightened performance across departments. Recognizing that inconsistency and inaccuracy were hindering progress within their organization, the company embarked on a quest for transformational change.


Starting from Belgium, they have now expanded the client’s services to cover 11 more European countries, making the client the leading field services platform in Europe with their advanced Odoo ERP system.

Our partner worked closely with the client's Senior Software Development Manager, taking ownership not only of building the team but also ensuring a smooth transition and effective operations management.

The ERP effectively integrated various aspects such as HR flow, training and development, supply management, finance and accounting, manpower scheduling, and client servicing and documentation.

Experience seamless field service operations with our integrated system. No more managing multiple systems for appointment bookings and schedule checking. With our partner’s robust platform, you can handle it all in one place. Our partner’s dedicated team not only maintains your ERP system but also provides reliable IT support to ensure smooth operations. 


Achieving a substantial 64% annual savings, our case study highlights sustained growth, streamlined operations, and unwavering support.

The implementation led to continuous, uninterrupted operations support, fostering improved collaboration and seamless communication between departments. It’s a testament to the transformative power of these results in driving efficiency and success.