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Revolutionizing Enem Preparation with Interactive Avatars and AI

Personalized learning experiences using machine learning tools.


"The Legends" is a free tool created to assist students in preparing for the 2023 Enem (Brazil's National High School Exam).

Students can chat with virtual avatars of famous historical figures on this platform. Some of the figures include Machado de Assis, Frida Kahlo, and Isaac Newton. This interactive feature makes learning more enjoyable and engaging.

Using generative artificial intelligence, the tool offers content from a specific database to facilitate Enem preparation. The client sought out machine learning consulting. The project took 1.5 months and was a budget of 90K.


The main challenge was creating a platform that met the diverse learning needs of students preparing for the Enem exam. Ensuring a user-friendly and intuitive interface was crucial to maximize engagement and knowledge retention.


"The Legends" platform was created to be user-friendly and accessible through WhatsApp, to tackle these challenges. Students can use avatars to chat and practice Enem exam topics in an interactive way.

For instance, choosing Machado de Assis would prompt questions related to the Portuguese language as a machine learning model.

The platform has tools like explanations, extra info, and references to encourage in-depth learning about different topics.


"The Legends" platform has been released but is still gathering feedback. Users can benefit from personalized learning experiences, receive immediate feedback on their performance, and access additional resources to strengthen their understanding of specific topics. The platform gets better with user feedback, thanks to an AI consulting firm and machine learning. It becomes a more valuable and effective tool for Enem preparation.