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Seamless Customer Experience Through Programming Languages

Leveraging the latest technologies to reduce lost leads.


The client is a service that helps smart home installers by giving them a quoting tool on a website.

This new solution helps clients make detailed quotes for installation services, so they can give accurate estimates to customers.

Additionally, the embedded web application seamlessly handles lead management, ensuring efficient customer relationship management throughout the quotation process.

Smart home installers can enhance their services by utilizing this integration service. They can also increase the efficiency of their operations and deliver great value to customers.


The service was initially developed using outdated technologies that were gradually becoming deprecated.

This situation posed several challenges, including security vulnerabilities, stability issues, and an overall poor customer experience.

The frequent power cuts made it even more important to fix the main issues and update the technology.


To address the challenges posed by the outdated technologies, our partner undertook a comprehensive solution approach.

They checked the system and decided which parts could be saved and improved with newer, better technologies. For sections that were beyond salvageable, they took the proactive step of completely rewriting them with maintenance in mind.

They prioritized maintainability to make future updates and improvements easier, less expensive, and quicker to implement for the customer.

This approach not only improved the stability and security of the system but also increased its overall maintainability.

Our partner’s team of experts worked diligently to select the most suitable technologies for the system's modernization.

They utilized advanced technology and methods to develop a robust and adaptable solution. This solution effectively resolved existing issues and laid the foundation for future growth and enhancements.

The updated system is now more stable and secure, reducing outages and improving the customer experience. 


The client’s rewrite and update of the system yielded significant positive results for both the client and their customers.

By leveraging the latest technologies and prioritizing maintainability, we were able to reduce the occurrence of lost leads for the client and minimize maintenance issues for their customers.

The system is easier to maintain, so it takes less time and effort to fix problems, which saves money.

They built the updated system using a range of cutting-edge technologies and tools. They used PHP and MySQL for the backend development, and Angular and Typescript for the frontend development.

Our partner used modern technology to create a strong and flexible system that met our client's and their customers' needs.